JavaScript Lessons

How method toString works

In this lesson will see, how the method toString in JavaScript works and how we can modify this method.

Each object in JavaScript contains a toString method, and this method returns a textual representation of the object. We have a class called Car, which contains brand, color and maximum speed. We create an instance of the Car class named anyCar and add arguments to the constructor.

We write the instance named anyCar in the document. Now we try to open the page and see that the toString method only shows the Object object for the anyCar instance. However, we can easily rewrite and modify the toString method so that this method returns the result we need. In JavaScript, we can easily override the default method by rewriting this method.

So now we uncomment our written toString method, in which we return the values ​​we want to display. We will try to run the page again and see that the rewritten toString method now displays the properties of the anyCar instance with a text description. That is, exactly as we entered it in the toString function.

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